Becley Building Group

Becley is a truly custom home builder from start to finish. Mike will help you begin the building process by discussing your vision for your home. He wants to get a full understanding of your family and how you will live and use each space. Once you have a floor plan and lot that you love, it will be time to start the selection process. Merrin will be there to help you with the design elements and guide you throughout all of your selections. Her job is to ensure that all of your selections fit your vision and that everything will flow seamlessly when it comes together. Jason will be your go-to on the job site once you break ground, and he is the one who oversees the construction of your home. Jason is very detail-oriented, and he will make your dream home come to life.

Company Overview

Becley Building Group specializes in new home construction, remodeling, and light commercial construction. Our Founders, Jason Deckard and Mike Rocchio, have committed to making Becley a significant player in the central Indiana construction market. Our dedicated and local team of designers and vendors all work together diligently to make each project come to life.

With every home, our goal is to create a style and aesthetic that has a timeless, classic appearance while keeping up-to-date with current trends and designs. Quality craftsmanship and architectural design take priority over everything else, while attention to detail and the needs of our clients are paramount to our goals.

Our Mission

Becley Building Group’s fundamental goals are to provide people with construction management that not only produces desired results, but also provides a process that focuses on the individual needs of the client. This process keeps consistency in expectations, productivity and customer satisfaction. This idea and belief in honesty, ownership and intuition make us who we are and take us where we are going. We believe we are the best because we surround ourselves with the best.

Made with dedication ⸻
We tailor your vision.