Top Bathroom Trends That Make Life Easier – and More Beautiful

Whether you are designing a custom bathroom or undertaking a remodeling project, you have an exceptional (and exciting!) opportunity to create a space that works for you, for your life, for your style. One that perfectly balances functionality, practicality, and convenience with beauty, elegance, and a spa-worthy atmosphere of relaxation and rejuvenation.  

Today’s top bathroom trends ensure that one of your most-oft used rooms becomes your most sought-after retreat. 

Fresh Bathroom Trends That Blend Form and Function – Flawlessly 

Hide Everything! 

Open shelves have dominated every platform from HGTV to Pinterest for years. But they are no longer dominating the actual kitchen or the bathroom quite so much. Especially not the bathroom. Closed storage options allow you to tuck away all the clutter-creating essentials you don’t want on display and are ideal for small items, medicines, private belongings, and, of course, your TP! 

Towers offer exceptional opportunities to maximize both your space and your style. From tall, lean, and contemporary to light, airy, and a touch rustic, you can easily complement and enhance your aesthetic. Opt for solid doors (from shaker style to barndoor to cane and beyond) or coated glass to hide products while allowing for easy and convenient access. 

Appliance Solutions 

Speaking of unappealing clutter… all those cords! Let’s face it: most of us need at least a few appliances when preparing for the day or unwinding from it. Whether it’s your hair dryer, flat iron, rechargeable toothbrush, or razor, these items are frequently used and indispensable. But when they’re out of mind, they should also be out of sight! 

By installing outlets in your drawers, you can plug in/charge appliances and devices while keeping them neatly contained, easily accessible, and off your countertops. Better still, you don’t have to constantly move, plug in, use, unplug, and move again. Who has time for that – especially in the morning? You can simply, and safely, keep your small appliances connected to their power source. 

Integrate docking drawers and/or canisters for your hot tools for even greater functionality. And no, you don’t have to unplug them either. This option will also protect your gorgeous counter surfaces from scorch marks and other heat-related damage. 

Pull-Out Trash in Cabinet 

Noticing a theme here? Today’s hottest bathroom trends are about making our spaces inviting, streamlined, and free of the mess and jumble of everyday life. Installing pull-out trash cans in your cabinets provides an ultra-simple way to dispose of discarded items, wrappers, tissues, floss, etc., without distracting – or detracting – from your design. 

Features will vary according to the manufacturer and product you choose, but typically, pull-out trash systems mount to the cabinet floor and slide on durable full-extension progressive rollers for seamless operation. You can opt for two receptacles if you would like one for trash and one for recyclables (e.g. shampoo/conditioner bottles and the like). 

Pull-out trash cans are just as easy and convenient as visible trash cans – while adding space-saving and style-boosting benefits. It’s nice when life throws us a no-brainer! 

Clean and Simple Tile Work 

Tile from top manufacturers offers unmatched durability. They are built to last. This, however, can be a problem when homeowners add decorative accents that do not age well! No one wants to live – year after year… after year – with a fad that has well and truly faded. But how do you add visual interest without dating your bathroom? 

Focus on clean and simple. You can go with a larger format, change the shape, or alter the layout of the tile instead of adding touches that will stamp an expiration date on your style. 

In this Chatham Hills home, built by Becley Building Group, for example, rather than a standard 12X12 tile, a tile with a longer profile was installed. It is cleanly and symmetrically aligned to create a sense of expansive space with minimal interruption for the eye. Because it is so adaptable, the owners will be able to make design updates at will while keeping their classic, timeless base. 

Build Dreams with Becley  

Becley Building Group is committed to delivering not only the best results but the most positive, streamlined experience possible. Homeowners have enough on their minds: creating their dream home (and bath!) should not be a source of stress but rather a source of inspiration and renewal. 

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