What’s Cooking? 5 Hot Kitchen Trends for 2022

Every chef has a signature dish, a defining recipe that they have perfected and that represents them. But you don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey, Clare Smyth, or Masaharu Morimoto to make wonderful food – and even better memories with your family and friends. All you need is a kitchen that defines you, that represents your lifestyle, your needs, and your aesthetic. It’s your signature space, if you will. 

These five kitchen trends are as fresh as hand-picked produce from the farmer’s market.  

5 Full-Flavor Kitchen Trends 

1. Mix it Up

The most intriguing, satisfying dishes incorporate a rich array of ingredients and flavors. Your kitchen should too. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, materials, and textures to achieve optimal results. For example, your cabinets may feature a combination of stained and painted surfaces and/or light, medium, and dark neutral colors that add visual interest and pop while still serving as an excellent base for future design updates. 

Welcome to this chef’s dream.  

This Westfield home, designed and built by Becley Building Group boasts a balanced blend of ultra-dark, gleaming white, stainless, natural wood, and a touch of warm metallic from the pendant lighting. It is a veritable feast for the eyes, but at the same time, each element works seamlessly together to create a cohesive space.  

The stainless is echoed in the fixtures and cabinet hardware; the black finish carries through to into the open living space, window frames, and stair railings; and complementary tones from the warm wooden flooring are threaded into the floor-to-ceiling hutch, living area shelves, and staircase treads.  

When done strategically – and with an eye for design – it all works. 

2. Let’s Warm Up 

If you can’t stand the heat… go all white and gray?  

This has been the go-to method for the past few years. All-white and cool gray kitchens have dominated, and there are valid reasons why. This is the most neutral of neutral. You can, theoretically, change up your aesthetic more easily if you have a very blank canvas. Meanwhile, though, you are living with a very blank canvas, day after day and year after year. It can start to feel cold and uninspiring.  

Our suggestion: Turn the heat up a little and let your style simmer. Natural wood and stone are optimal choices as they are still neutral enough to accommodate any number of styles and updates while still imparting gentle warmth and personality.  

3. Park It in the Appliance Garage 

Counter space is precious real estate in any kitchen. It also tends to be a clutter collection point, so storage for everything is a must for a streamlined, clean space. There is nothing more frustrating than having to clear appliances, mail, homework, etc., for 10 minutes before packing lunches, prepping dinner, laying out hors d’oeuvres, or mixing cocktails.  

There are easy solutions for all of these needs. From pantries to command centers (both of which we’ll talk about in a moment), there are effective ways to cut the clutter in your kitchen. One of our favorites puts your small appliances in their place. Appliance garages usually live on countertops, as an extension of upper cabinets, as part of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, or in the pantry. 

There is no doubt that you need your coffeemaker, toaster, air fryer, blender, or mixer. But you don’t need them front and center at all times. An appliance garage allows for easy access when you need them and hidden storage when you don’t. Some docking drawers/stations accommodate up to four appliances plugged in at once, so you don’t need to constantly rearrange, move, and transfer in order to make toast and coffee. 

4. Productivity in the Pantry  

Imagine: you have a gorgeous open concept kitchen/dining/living area. Your guests are eager to meet, greet… and eat! But no one wants to see the actual work that goes into a great gathering. The cutting. The chopping. The slicing, dicing, sauteing, baking, and plating. Not to mention the dirty pots and pans.  

More homeowners are putting ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, beverage coolers, and sinks into a larger pantry adjacent to the kitchen. Think of it as a secondary or prep kitchen. This is tailor-made for those who entertain: you can prep, clean, and keep the mess out of sight. Your main kitchen stays guest-ready. 

5. Create Efficient Flow 

If the kitchen is the heart of the house, there are main arteries that are essential for optimal functioning. The entryway. The mudroom. The command center. These spaces serve vital purposes – and keep clutter from your beautiful kitchen. 

Creating a lead-in space helps store essential items, keep mess to a minimum, and make maintenance a breeze. For example, this custom-built Chatham Hills home features a fully functional (and inviting) mudroom with devoted cubbies, bench seating, coat/garment hooks, ample shelving, utility sink, and cabinet space. 

Everything from the daily mail and cleaning supplies to never-ending muddy shoes and grass-stained soccer uniforms have a place. And they find that place before entering the kitchen. 

In this Bridgewater Lakes home in Carmel, a command center offers convenient laundry facilities, utility sink, ample cabinet space, plenty of counter space, mail/paperwork sorter, and an island that is perfect for sorting and folding, storing, charging, homework, paperwork, and whatever else a busy household needs to get done before they get down to the important business of relaxing and enjoying their home. 

Find Your Signature Style with Becley Building Group 

What will you create in your dream kitchen? Fabulous dishes? Can’t-miss dinner parties? Eagerly awaited catch-ups with friends or feasts with family? Quick and delicious breakfasts before you dash about your day? Whatever your goals, your needs, and your lifestyle, Becley Building Group will help you build a space that meets – and exceeds – all of your expectations. 

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